Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dot's Crazy!

Guess what your union dues are going towards now? Because you help pay for Edwize, the unofficial mouth organ of Randi and her minions. you are also helping to pay for an advertisement for Green Dot Charter School.

Of course, this should come as no surprise, considering that the UFT is a 'partner' with Green Dot.

What's wrong with that? Plenty. The UFT should be categorically opposed to charter schools--not running two of them and pimping for applicants for another. Charter schools siphon off resources that could be used to fix our current schools. Instead, the money goes to schools that recruit students who perform better than average and whose parents are willing to commit their own time to helping out in the school. It's not hard to produce a good school when you get good students, involved parents, and a student/teacher ratio of no more than 22:1.

Politicians use these schools as a way to promote even more charter schools. They tout their results as "proof" that these schools work better than traditional public schools. Personally, I teach in a school where the class sizes typically reach 34:1 and where parents are rarely seen outside of parent teacher conferences. And I work in what would be considered a good school by NYC standards.

Why are our union dues being spent to support charters when they are antithetical to what we are trying to accomplish? Only Randi knows, I guess, but I'm betting there's money in it somewhere.

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Chaz said...

I'm with you on Charter schools. The union should be against all charter schools. However, this union supports Blommberg and Klein's attack on the NYC public schools.

Look how they ignore the ageism issue, the acceptance of "fair student funding" and allow the use of a "one-size-fits-all" teaching model that doesn't work and was never intended to stand alone.