Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Worst Person In The World

I woke up this morning to watch NY1, as I usually do. I heard something that made me shudder, from none other than: Mayor Bloomberg. If Keith Olberman needs a worst person in the world for tonight's show, I think I have a winner, uh...loser.

I couldn't find it on NY1's site, but sharp eyed Patrick Sullivan of NYC Public School Parents blog grabbed it from WNYC. The mayor was addressing the quite justified complaints of parents that they had to scramble to get child care because of the late announcement of Monday's school closing. He said:
If you got up this morning, looked outside and it didn't come to you right away, the thought that, gee, I wonder of (sic) school will be closed today, and you didn't know enough to call 311, I'd suggest another day in school is probably a good idea.

Forget that the Mayor hasn't closed schools for snow in the last five years. Forget that the snowstorm of 2006 dumped three times as much snow on many areas and Bloomberg still didn't close the schools. Forget that almost all other schools announced their plans with plenty of time to spare for parents to make arrangements.

And if you're a teacher or a student who trekked out into the storm because your school opens at 7 or if you have a long commute, you must be an idiot because you could not read the mayor's rather limited mind.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the man who wants you to vote him in for a third term and once again give him total control of the schools. He thinks you're an idiot. Let's prove him wrong at the ballot box.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention but I need to bring you this update. The AP coverage of the story includes this gem: "An aide tried to backtrack later and insisted that Bloomberg was referring only to teachers, and not to students or parents."

The guy talks endlessly about accountability yet can't be held accountable for his own comments.

Here's the link to the story in the Staten Island Advance:


Anonymous said...

When does he NOT talk to teachers with that sniveling tone?

proofoflife said...

I didn't know he said those brillant comments. What an A hole!