Monday, March 23, 2009

My New Hero

In the face of all the Kristoffs and Obamas and Rhees and Kleins and everyone else telling us that it's all the teachers' fault when kids don't perform, there emerges a voice of reason: Jack Cafferty. Here's what he recently said about education, and kids in general.

I don't know the status of parenting in America. But I know a little about the status of education in America. Parents' growing inability to impose manners and limits on their kids when the kids are in school is reflected in record dropout rates, as well as teen drug and alcohol abuse, teen sex, and unwed pregnancies. Maybe it's parenting that's on the decline, more than the schools.


Some parents still have this attitude that their kids are too special to be burdened by discipline. And the rest of us are supposed to put up with their little mutants. That attitude really pisses me off.

My hat's off to you, Jack Cafferty. Finally, someone who talks common sense and not the latest educational gobbledegook.


Chaz said...

I wonder if his wife is a teacher.

This is the first time a news reporter see the parent problem as the major issue in education. I heard Bill O Reilly mention this but included poor teachers in the problem.

Mr. Talk said...

It's such a rare display of common sense that Cafferty looks like a genius just for stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Where did Jack Cafferty go to school? He is qualified to comment on education because...? Wise up!

Mr. Talk said...

I don't know if he's qualified to comment on education any more than, let's say, Joel Klein, or Bill Gates, or Michelle Rhee, or Barack Obama. But he sure as hell has a lot more common sense.