Sunday, March 1, 2009

Get Your Snowshoes

The predictions are dire. From 6 to 12 inches of snow will fall on the city overnight, while it continues actively snowing until 10AM tomorrow. This means roads won't be plowed and driving will be extremely dangerous.

And NYC Public Schools will be open.

Mind you, not a single parochial or private school will be open. They close when the wind blows. Still, public school teachers and students clearly aren't worth the trouble it would cause the Mayor to close them. If you recall, in the snowstorm of February 2006, a record was set when more than 26 inches of snow fell on the city, and the public schools were open. Of course, that was different, because the snow fell on a Sunday and the streets were plowed by Monday morning. Never mind that there were no spots to park your car, and that sidewalks weren't cleared. Never mind that scads of parents kept their children home and school was little more than a babysitting service. The show must go on.

The mayor himself, of course, will be taking public transportation to work, after his servants pick him up at his mansion and drive him to the station. He's a trooper. He just can't understand why those whiny teachers don't want to risk their lives driving in horrendous conditions so that we can give out crossword puzzles to the 7 kids of 34 who show up.

On the plus side, we get to sharpen our crossword skills. Anyone know today's 17 down? (a sphincter--2 words, 14 letters).


Chaz said...

The updated forecast is now 11 to 14" of snow and the NYC Public Schools will be closed on Monday. If not I will not be there and it is a waste for the kids to venture out in heavy snow only to be dumped into an auditorium and see a dated movie all day.

NYC Educator said...

I remember one day about 10 or 12 years ago while I was driving down the LIE, watching cars crash to my left and right, and listening to Mayor Giuliani on the news announcing how everyone should just stay home--that it was too dangerous to travel that day. Not so, though, for the million public school kids or their teachers.

I think I wrote his words on the board for the handful of kids who, like me, were dumb enough to show up. And maybe you forgot, but all the suburban schools will be closed as well. Last year, I think, they got extra days off for not using their snow days.

And don't forget the highly valuable NYC delayed closing plan--the one that was utilized precisely once, during the transit strike.

Mr. Talk said...

Chaz, I sure hope you are right but I'm not optimistic.

NYC--that delayed closing plan is the biggest joke. I can't remember it being used even that one time. Still, the UFT lauded it as a major victory. I guess we'll have something to cheer about as we skid to school tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The schools will not me! And there will be a**hole principals who will observe mostly empty classrooms tomorrow as well....

I know because one of my friends was observed years ago during a snow storm when only 6 of her 34 students were in the classroom due to a blizzard.