Monday, March 23, 2009

Running Scared

Mayor Bloomberg believes that the rich are scared. No, not of crime; most of them are motored about by bullet-proof limousine. Not of layoffs, either, like the ones the mayor threatened against 15,000 city teachers, because many of the rich don't work at all. They sit around and collect government bailout bonuses.

So just what is scaring the rich? Taxes. Yes! Facing the prospect of higher taxes, Mayor Bloomberg believes that the rich will be scared away and scurry off to Connecticut as fast as their helicopters will take them.

Instead, it seems that Mayor Mike would like to tax ordinary scum citizens like you and me. You see, we can't run off to Connecticut when we feel like it and it's much easier to tax a stationary target.

So, next time you see a rich person, be sure to hold his or her hand and say "There, there!" as they shudder with the dreadful anxiety of having to unbelt. That's right--walk right up to their limo and grab them if you must. I'm sure they'll appreciate the gesture, and it's sure to make them feel more at ease.

Extra credit: Who drew the above political cartoon? (No peeking!)


NYC Educator said...

That style is unmistakable, and the little guy really gives it away. Any parent will see.

Your updates seem to be working again, by the way.

Mr. Talk said...

You're right; the style gives it away but I almost didn't get it because of the political nature of the cartoon.

It does seem to be updating again, after I started over from scratch. You'd think that by now they'd have all these kinks worked out.