Friday, September 11, 2009

Rhee Dick U Louse

Try reading the article in the Washington Post about the soon-to-be-settled DC teachers' contract without gagging. The provisions are similar to what we already have in NYC, and to what we can probably expect to come down the pike to us before long. In a move that stinks of Randi Weingarten, the union seems poised to accept a 20% increase for 5 years in return for massive givebacks. No doubt the Post and other Republican rags will characterize this as a win for teachers, with headline bemoaning the 'huge increase' teachers will be getting in times of economic trouble.

It seems that DC has its own ATR problems that it will try to address in the contract, perhaps setting a precedent that the Mulgrew crew will accept:

Under a proposed "mutual consent" provision, principals would have more power to pick and choose teachers. Teachers who failed to find new assignments would have three options. They could remain on the payroll for a year, accepting at least two spot assignments as substitutes or tutors or in some other support role. If they can't find a permanent job after a year, they would be fired. Teachers could also choose to take a $25,000 buyout or, if they have at least 20 years' service to the city school system, retire with full benefits.

OK, I'll admit the retirement for at least 20 years sounds great. If that passed in NYC, I'd have to find a way to lower the grade on my Teacher Report so I would qualify.

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