Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Probably no one remembers this anymore, but we are supposed to get our tentative programs BEFORE the end of a school year. I didn't get mine, and I know a lot of other schools didn't bother with that pesky contract either.

I didn't know what classes I'd be teaching until I cruised the blogs this week. A number of folks said that their rosters were listed on ARIS, so I checked, and lo and behold, my classes were there. So if you don't know yours, check ARIS at https://www.arisnyc.org/aris.

This has been a public service announcement. I'll go back to my grouchy self shortly.


Miss Eyre said...

Only my "homeroom" class is posted. I could be accomplishing a lot more right now if I had rosters and a program. :|

Mr. Dugong said...

None of my classes have been posted... Yet.

Mr. Talk said...

I have rosters listed, but I'm sure those are subject to change like everything else.

With all the talk of data, you think the most important piece of data--who the kids are that we are teaching--would be the number one priority.