Saturday, September 19, 2009

And the Survey Says....

...nothing. At least nothing that I can discover. So what ever happened to the survey done at the end of last school year, asking us to evaluate Joel Klein (for the 2nd time)?

I must admit, I didn't take the survey. I don't trust the UFT to keep anything confidential, and besides, the last survey sure didn't do much to dislodge Klein. But you'd at least think that the UFT would publish the results. I'm sure they will be in line with last year's results, and have about the same effect.

Something tells me this is mixed up with the contract talks. Maybe Mulgrew is holding back pending some kind of deal. Or maybe they just forgot. With Unity, it's sometimes hard to tell whether it's stupidity or purposeful neglect of the members.


Under Assault said...

Dead right that it's hard to tell with Unity whether it's "stupidity or purposeful neglect of the members."

I used to think Clever like a Fox.

Now I'm beginning to think it's a combination of
— UFT management's desire to stay in power at whatever cost;
— UFT middle managers' desire to keep their patronage jobs at whatever cost; and
— UFT per session workers' desire to keep their after school jobs at whatever cost.

Did I cover everyone in Unity?

Under Assault said...

Forgot to mention that some of those people are just lazy and others are pretty friendly with principals, but these are just modifications of the 3 categories already mentioned.

NYC Educator said...

I didn't get to do the survey. I was out of town and missed the deadline. So remember this one important fact--whatever they survey says, it wasn't my fault.