Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Side Gets a Voice

Finally, a sane and clear voice gets a platform in the mostly pro-Bloomberg press. Check out Arthur Goldstein's Op-Ed piece in the Daily News.


Arthur Goldstein said...

Thanks for the plug, Mr. Talk! I'm very happy to have the opportunity to show people what my members see every day of their lives.

And I'm very happy there are others, like you, telling these stories too.

Anonymous said...

As a chapter leader in a small school with plenty of issues but who at one time taught in a large, already phased out, high school, I can relate to your article. I was in a large high school that was impacted by the deflection of students from the surrounding closing/phasing high schools. The enrollment kept on increasing every term by 200 students. Then it became so overcrowded that there was no space to move or breath. It was impossible to get from one classroom to the next even if the room was just 20 feet away. There were constant student fights, cutting, student violence against teachers, classrooms jammed packed with oversized classes and then it happened. The DoE declared the school an impact school and the phasing out process began. You brought out a good point that teachers should be telling these stories, too. If every teacher would were to take out the time to write an article and send it to any of the newspapers, then the DoE will see that their purported expertise in dealing with education and policies is questionable. I know that you are a new delegate and I feel that you should make your voice heard at the next D.A. Good Luck at your overcrowded school.