Sunday, September 27, 2009

If Campaign Ads Told the Truth

Yes, I know it will never happen. But if Bloomberg put out a truthful campaign brochure on his education record, it would look quite different than the swamp of paper currently clogging everyone's snail mailbox.

Bloomberg--Change You Can Fudge with Data.

Here are some of Mayor Mike's Education Accomplishments:

  • Kept class sizes from growing much larger, despite massive cash infusions from the CFE lawsuit.
  • Brought pride to the parents of even the worst students by dumbing down tests to the point that an amoeba could pass them.
  • Used those tests to promote more students than ever despite an end to social promotion.
  • Raised teacher salaries to the point where they are a mere 40% less than some suburbs.
  • Ensured that few teachers would earn those salaries by increasing the rubber room and ATR pools.
  • Increased graduation rates through innovative programs such as "seat time" and just not counting a whole lot of kids who don't return to school.
  • Spent 80 million on a data collection system that virtually no teacher actually uses other than the nightly log on to prove he/she uses it.
  • Spent another 200 million to close schools and pay teachers to be permanent subs.
  • His chancellor, Joel Klein, imposed a hiring freeze until those subs are placed, after implying that these subs are lazy and incompetent.
  • Created many charter schools by allowing them, in a Blob like fashion, to eat up space that could be used to alleviate overcrowding in regular public schools.
  • Did away with wasteful and time consuming nuisances such as parental input and teacher involvement.
  • Eva Moscowitz.
  • Ditto Joel Klein.
Can we afford not to give Michael Bloomberg another term? Probably, but he can afford to buy it anyway. So Vote to Re-Elect the Mayor. If he can't fix it, he can fudge it.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! Let's create flyers with those bullets and hand them out in front of Tweed. I'll volunteer to hand them out.

You are a riot!

NY_I said...

Anonymous was right!
This should be posted in classrooms, right next to the bell schedule.

You can add to this list how the so-called reform of creating small schools led to a more impoverished set of class choices for students and a slashing of job opportunities for art teachers, gym teachers, guidance counselors, the social workers, foreign language teachers, music teachers ...
I've detailed this trend and tagged it as an issue of racial disparity in my latest blog-post at
This post is part of a series on how the mayor and chancellor have perpetrated a series of fraudulent myths about "reform" and "advances" in the NYC schools.