Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Without a Paddle

The lead sentence in the Daily News is enough to make you throw up a little in your mouth:

The fight over mayoral control of the schools has gone from slugfest to lovefest - at least between Mayor Bloomberg and the city teachers union.

Don't count me among the greased up bodies slithering in this menage a trolls of Bloomberg, Klein, and Randi. I sure don't have any kind of lovefest going with any of them, and I sure hope my colleagues don't either. And the News should get at least this part right: Randi is NOT the same as the city teachers' union. She is a sell out through and through. She saw an opening to hump the city's hyper inflated math and ELA scores, and she wasted not a moment climbing aboard. "What we've seen in the last seven years is a cohesion and a stability and resources that we did not have beforehand, and a lot of that was because Mayor Bloomberg said, 'I'm taking responsibility,'" Weingarten said.

Come again? Isn't this the mayor who just cut out Teacher's Choice funds? Isn't this the mayor whose chancellor received a failing grade from city teachers? Hasn't this mayor gone after senior teachers, filled up rubber rooms, left ATRs in limbo, stuffed students into classrooms and trailers, and turned education into a test prep mill?

And now our union leaded tacitly endorses mayoral control, essentially giving him a rubber stamp to do more of the same?

Yes, NYC teachers, you are now officially up Shit Creek, having been speedboated there by an ambitious union leader and left to try to get to shore without your paddle. But don't worry, teachers, as you can rest assured that Mayor Mike, man of cohesion and stability, will be along shortly to toss you an anvil.


Pogue said...

In essence, her mayoral endorsement means she is okay with...The ATR situation. The Rubber Room situation. Leadership Academy abuses. Children not being able to go to their neighborhood schools. Test-Prep-A-Go-Go. School closings with charter school replacements. Merit pay. ARIS abuses and wastes. Lack of new school buildings. Lack of worn buildings being updated. Bogus credit recovery. False graduation rates. Very little administrative accountability..Oh, my fingers are getting tired from this list.

17 (really 15) more years said...

I was going to blog about this myself- but you did it so much better than I could. Randi's behavior is, in a word, deplorable. Every NYC public school teacher should be up in arms about her most recent actions. We should be demanding her resignation.

I am actually afraid for her to open contract negotiations with her buddy Mike.

NYC Educator said...

I'm putting something up on this tomorrow morning. In other news, ICE reports, to serve you better, HIP members will now have co-payments. Another great victory for working people.

Mr. Talk said...

I'd love to see every ed blogger jump on this one. This is big. This is sleeping with the enemy.

Ms. Tsouris said...

So this is what I pay over $90 a month for?

ed notes online said...

UFT Election season Jan 2010-March 2010. Whether Weingarten or Mulgrew, the policies will be the same.

The Campaign begins NOW! Jump aboard!

Gather ye old emails of your staffs and start communicating this stuff to them.