Monday, June 8, 2009

The Hack is Back

You wouldn't think the Unity crew would be so happy these days. As I blogged the other day, noted Unity hack Ron Issac, AKA Redhog, advised us all to party the night away while the union goes to hell in a handbasket.

An alert reader notified me that Redhog was the author of one of the most disgusting posts in EdWize history (and that ain't easy). It was a relentless defense of the disastrous 2005 contract. You can read the whole ugly thing here. It was so disgusting that the already anyonymous Redhog didn't even post it under his real pseudonym. Here's some of the lowlights, with my own comments in parens:

Our proposed Contract is a landmark for the labor movement. (Much as Hiroshima is a landmark in the nuclear age)

Randi Weingarten has preserved not only the structural integrity of our Contract’s edifice, but raised it to new heights. (I'd say the 2005 contract was more of an orifice than an edifice)

The UFT blew out of the water the DOE’s stubborn call to empower principals to excess teachers without regard to seniority and to force them to find their own jobs within a stipulated time or be fired. (Can anyone say ATRs?)

Circular 6 suffered some superficial abrasions but is fighting fit. (Never mind that potty duty)

We have strengthened the grievance machinery by jettisoning the fluff of the past. (If you considered steps 1 and 2 of the grievance process 'fluff')

Finally, Redhog finished up with this gem: I have neither sought nor been given any perk or sweetheart deal in exchange for bought loyalty. That goes for both the DOE and the UFT.

Hmm. I dunno about that. My source tells me that Redhog retired just a year after this POS contract passed, thus grabbing the money without having to do the work. Furthermore, I'm told he got a job writing for New York Teacher, which kind of seems like a perk to me. Apparently, he's still working for the UFT, unless he's now writing his drivel on EdWize for free.

And that, my friends, is how hack is done.

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Chaz said...

Of course he still works for the UFT.