Monday, June 8, 2009

Can't Buy Me Love

After spending 20 million dollars on his re-election campaign so far and showing up in more ads than Waldo, Mayor Bloomberg has learned one thing: Money can't buy him love.

According to a NYT/NY1 poll, despite a high approval rating, a whopping 55% of NY voters say they want someone else to be the mayor. Unfortunately, a lot of those people have no idea who Bloomy's opponent, Bill Thompson, is.

In Randi's apparent quest to be on the winning team, she recently gave her tacit approval to mayoral control. Now, it appears, there is a real opening for the democratic nominee, if only people learn who he is.

So the question is: will Randi now jump ship and endorse Thompson, the man she should have been supporting all along? Or will she now attempt to bolster the campaign of the man who brought us ATRs and Joel Klein and rubber rooms bursting at the seams by throwing her support behind Bloomberg?

My guess is that while money can't buy you love, it just might be able to sway a powerful union leader or two. But I sure hope I'm wrong. This is the moment, Randi. Seize it.

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ed notes online said...

The UFT has had a very long relationship with Bill Thompson going back to his father and he has been their preferred candidate for mayor for many years. I've written about it over the years. So it is hard to imagine them not endorsing him. Whether they will actually throw resources in is another question. If there is any sign he could win they will as they can control him whereas with Bloomberg he controls them.