Monday, June 29, 2009

Bloomberg Courting the Stalker Vote

In yet another bonehead move that shows quite clearly why he should not be in sole charge of NYC schools, Mike Bloomberg threatened to give out the phone numbers and addresses of state senators who are stubborn enough not to jump at the mayor's command to immediately extend mayoral control.

Quoth the mayor:

"We'll give you the numbers of the senators assuming everybody promises to call them at 3 in the morning," said the mayor. "I can do one better. We should give you their addresses so you can stand outside their houses. That would really make a dent."

I find it very disturbing that the mayor would encourage citizens to harrass and stalk anyone, even state senators. In case he has forgotten, Hal Turner, conservative wing nut talk show host, was recently arrested for posting the pictures, home addresses, and phone numbers of three federal judges. He was arrested for "threatening to assault and murder three federal judges with intent to retaliate against them for performing official duties." And Bill O'Reilly recently got himself into hot water for fanning the flames of hate against Dr. Tiller, an abortion doctor whom O'Reilly mentioned 28 times on his show and called "Tiller the baby killer". Tiller was murdered on May 31.

It is unbelievably reckless and stupid for Bloomberg to make his offer and to encourage citizens to harrass people. But it does show what kind of man he is--a bully willing to do anything to get what he wants.

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Anonymous said...

Is Little Napoleon unraveling?