Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is 50 the New 80?

Is it just me, or does it seem that everyone is dying younger these days? First went the ultra-beautiful Farrah Fawcett, then MJ, and now my favorite pitchman, Billy Mays. I'm not one of those Mays haters; I thought he was great. I do a mean impression of him that I wish you all could hear. (If you act now on mayoral control, you'll get chancellor Klein for another four years absolutely free! Just add shipping!)

Farrah had cancer, of course, and MJ was just waiting to happen, it seems. But Billy Mays? He and MJ were both 50, and Farrah was 62. Does this spate of realtively young deaths mean the start of a trend? It's got me worried, because I'm not too far away from the big 5-oh (which should be called the big 5-oh no!) Is 50 the new 80?

Of course, Ed McMahon, another famous pitchman, made it to 86. What did he have that Billy Mays didn't? I hope it wasn't the Budweiser, because I don't drink. Though maybe I should start.


Pogue said...

Is it time to apply "dog years" to humans?

Unknown said...
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NYC Educator said...

I read somewhere today that Anna Nicole Smith is also still dead.