Sunday, June 7, 2009

Partying While Rome Burns

Ron Isaac, who used to post pro-Randi love letters under the pseudonym Redhog (perhaps on our dimes) has finally come up with a solution to the problems of city teachers that we can all get down with. Let's have a party!

Yep. While Randi is busy explaining the way she dumped our past rights and pledging away our remaining rights by supporting mayoral control, Redhog thinks we should all put on party hats and ring in the summer. Here's his take on it: Celebration of human solidarity at school has devolved into an obscure concept in recent years, seemingly in relation to the decline in morale and the status of the profession as rendered by the DOE.

Actually, I believe it was the UFT, and specifically the Unity Caucus in charge, who eviscerated the teachers' contract. They are the ones who sold out seniority rights, allowed an explosion of letters in file, expanded the school day, gave us potty patrol and lunch duty, and so on. I don't think ATRs who have been jobless for years are ready to celebrate just yet.

So forgive me, Redhog, for not believing that teachers need to party. It's hard to feel the joy that Unity hacks obviously feel when we spend our days dancing to the BloomKlein beat: Doing the conga to cafeteria duty, the rhumba to the rubber room, and the Elecric Slide to Extended Day.

It must be nice doing the Loco-motion to your second pension, while working to perfect the Hustle you pull on teachers with each new contract. About the best we can muster is a little Achy-Breaky Heart about the way things used to be.

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