Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top of the Class

I realize that I didn't bestow the coveted Top of the Class award yesterday. I couldn't really think of any one person. (Don't forget that nominations are always welcome). So I think the first award will go to a group I admire greatly--my fellow bloggers. This blog has only been in operation for less than two months, and it probably would have gone out of business had it not been for the incredible support and encouragement from the fine educational bloggers I have come to know and respect. I won't name names, because they are numerous, and many can be found on the blogroll.

My thanks, sans the usual snarky remarks.


Miss Eyre said...

We are so lucky to be part of an awesome blogging community!

p.s. Can I be on your blogroll? You can look and see that you're on mine:

Mr. Talk said...

Absolutely! Welcome aboard! I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for blogrolling me as well.