Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rhyme Scheme

A teacher in Brooklyn was fined a thousand bucks by the Conflicts of Interests Board for trying to sell her book of poems to parents. I have no idea whether this teacher was guilty or not, but it sure feels good to know that the COIB has its groove back.

You see, the COIB has been dropping the ball for some time. Going all the way back to the Snapple debacle, in which the bidding process for the exclusive rights to peddle sugary drinks to children was overseen by a company that also represented Cadbury Schweppes, the Board has looked pretty lax. But Mayor Bloomberg said the process was fair, so fair it was.

The COIB also cleared the way last year for the mayor and members of the city council to grant themselves an additional term, despite the citizens of New York having twice voted no to extending term limits. The mayor said that was fair, as well, and so fair it was.

So it's good to see the COIB putting its foot down. A teacher selling a book of poems for $10 is not fair. Only billionaires and politicians get to abuse their positions with impunity.

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Pissedoffteacher said...

I know of an English AP that bought her husband's book for classroom use.

But administrators don't have to follow the same rules as teachers so I guess that is okay.