Monday, February 2, 2009

Charles G. Hogg for UFT President

Charles G. Hogg, a groundhog from Staten Island, predicted an early spring this year. Then he proceeded above and beyond the call of duty, giving teachers in NYC an early Christmas by biting Mayor Bloomberg.

A fracas broke out as several teachers began chanting "Hogg for UFT President!". They then seized the groundhog and proceeded to Tweed in search of Chancellor Klein. A startled Klein threatened to send the recalcitrant Hogg to a rubber room, whereupon the bemused rodent (Hogg, that is) reportedly said, "Hey, I may eat grubs, but even I wouldn't bite him!"

The groundhog was reportedly brought to the emergency room for rabies testing and subsequently released.


NYC Educator said...

Interesting story, but it hasn't swayed my unwavering support of Tony Soprano for UFT Prez. After all, it's a part-time job anyway, so why not get someone who'll spend that time making offers people can't refuse.

Mr. Talk said...

Tony Soprano?? Do we really want nothing but a figurehead leader who listens to no opposing viewpoints and who'll squeeze us for protection money and then leave us out in the cold?

I mean, again?

NYC Educator said...

Good points--but someone needs to make the mayor an offer he can't refuse--and not simply because it gives him everything he wants. Love your piece today.