Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mother of all Stimulus Packages

With Bloomberg seeking a third term, I say it's high time we looked for qualified candidates to oppose him. Personally, I'd like the throw the name of Mexico City's mayor Marcelo Ebrard into the mix. It seems he is giving out free Viagra to poor men. Talk about your stimulus package!

In stark contrast, our current mayor wants to make city employees pay 10% of their own health costs. When told of Mayor Marcelo's plan, Bloomberg replied stiffly, "Look, this is nothing new. We've been making it hard for New York City teachers for years, without costly drugs. They need to focus on getting their test scores up. Whatever else they want to get up is their own problem."

Chancellor Klein echoed the mayor's words. "I don't take Viagra myself," he said, "and there's no reason why teachers should. The one time I tried it the pill caught in my throat and I had a stiff neck for weeks." (rimshot)


NYC Educator said...

I heard it just made him taller.

Mr. Talk said...

I heard he went to the drugstore for Viagra and asked if he could get it over the counter.

"From the looks of you," said the pharmacist, "you'd need about 10 pills to do that."