Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reality? Check, Please.

Not to be outdone by Randi's bizarre request for all teachers to wear blue on Tuesday, Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein joined the fray with their own entries for the most freakish comment of the week.

Mayor Mike kicked off the festivities by claiming that if mayoral control of the schools isn't renewed, "...I think there'd be riots in the streets, given the improvements" to schools, according to the Post. Apparently, the mayor feels that people would never riot over the layoff of 15,000 teachers, flat test scores, overcrowded schools, and the disenfranchisement of parents and teachers. But wrest mayoral control from him? Then you'd seen all hell break loose.

Joel Klein, justly under fire for the bus fiasco that led to thousands of schoolchildren being stranded in the cold, finally admitted two years after the fact that "I made the mistake, and I'm responsible for it," according to the Daily News. In his defense, Klein proceeded to claim that the consulting firm he hired that resulted in those frozen kids saved the city a lot of money. Due to the current fiscal emergency, Klein also announced some new cost cutting measures, such as leaving blind children in the middle of the highway and dumping handicapped students from their wheelchairs.

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