Monday, February 9, 2009

Taking Attendance for Dollars

Former Lafayette High School Principal Johlonta Rohloff, who was removed from her job for allegedly asking teachers to be janitors and refusing to give textbooks to kids, now has something else to worry about. Now, you'd think that would be reason enough for her to be in trouble, but no, she was almost offered another principalship. Maybe that school needed some cleaning, too. After parents and teachers objected, she was given the job of running the SI rubber room.

According to the Daily News
, she got in an altercation with a teacher in the rubber room named Helen Settles. Ms. Settles claims Rohloff slammed her finger in an attendance book. The police were called. That must have been one heavy book.

Ms. Rohloff, who I'm sure had many very important duties other than just taking attendance and playing mousetrap with the attendance book, reportedly makes $141,823 a year.

Just a note to Chancellor Klein: I'd be willing to take attendance at the RR for a mere $110,000.

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