Friday, May 27, 2011

Stop Layoffs by Stopping Fraud

You know that 300 million the mayor says he needs to prevent layoffs? One way he can get it is by actually paying attention to all those contractors he hires.

In yet another CityTime scandal, it was found that one contractor gave $450 million dollars out in kickbacks. That enough money to save every teacher's job and even give us a raise.

Remember, this is just one contractor. Imagine how many billions are being siphoned off by all of the countless contractors the mayor has hired.

If Mayor4Life had any decency, he'd resign now for his utter incompetence and pay the money back out of his own deep pockets.


in a quandary said...

Yes, it's preposterous. Unfortunately, the little despot hasn't an iota of decency. I would relish the sight of him being led out of his castle, in handcuffs, by a HazMat team. The man is toxic.

NYC Educator said...

If he had any decency, he wouldn't have overturned the term limits law voters had twice affirmed. He himself called such a notion "disgusting" until it suited his purposes not to--to wit, when he took a hard cold look at his abysmal presidential prospects.