Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Message for E4E "Likers"

If you're one of those new teachers who "liked" E4E on Facebook because you are dissatisfied with the status quo, or if you're one of the few who actually joined their ranks, I have something to share with you that might change your mind.

I'm not interested talking to Asshat scabs Evan and Sydney, or A4E blog monkey Ruben Brosbe. They are in this for all they can grab for themselves. I believe there are many E4E members who sincerely believe that as long as they work hard, they don't need union protections. And as hard as you work, you resent the possibility of being laid off. You probably believe that the union is working against you, and the DOE will watch your back as long as you do your job.

Did you see the article in the Daily News that detailed how the DOE is currently recruiting 500 Teaching Fellows and TFAers even as they threaten to lay you off? That's right--the DOE is looking to lay off more than 4000 new teachers, and then replace 500 of them with even newer teachers.

If you're a hard working E4E member, you have to ask yourself why the DOE is looking to replace you rather than retrain you to take one of those 500 jobs. The answer is pretty obvious, really. If you've got 2-4 years in the system, the DOE would rather dump you than tenure you.

Remember, these 500 replacements have zero teaching experience. So much for the idea that the DOE values all your hard work and wants to judge you on merit. If they cared about merit, they'd retrain you and keep you on.

The Asshats that run E4E would like you to believe that their billionaire sponsors are looking out for you. What they want is to create a temporary workforce, of which you will be a part. You will be replaced as soon as you start to make decent money or a younger teacher comes along.

If you're a 1st or 2nd year teacher who is about to lose his or her job to someone who has never been in the classroom, you should go right now and "unlike" E4E. They've lied to you about the DOE's desire to keep you on. They don't oppose layoffs; they just want to make sure that no one has a right to a job, no matter how long and hard they work.

Not much to "like" there.

Thanks to South Bronx School for coining the "blog monkey" title for Ruben.



Chaz said...

Mr, Talk:

Great analysis. Even those clueless teachers that follow the E4E line cannot escape your logic on the DOE's real intentions.

ed notes online said...

Great points! In fact LIFO protects even 3rd year teachers. If a laid off teacher finds one newbie in their license area they can grieve - theoretically. Just see how far the UFT would pursue such cases,