Monday, January 4, 2010

A Solution to School Closings

It seems to me that if we want to stop BloomKlein from closing schools, we have to think like them. So follow me, if you will, with about 10% of your brain, which is about what they use.

What we need to do is build a one foot wall of snow around schools that the chancellor intends to close, like Jamaica HS. Now, such a tiny wall won't keep even troll sized people like the mayor out, but that's not the idea. Once we build the wall, we have Michael Mulgrew demand that the schools be closed due to snow. The one thing that BloomKlein will NEVER do is close the schools with less than two feet of snow on the ground, and sometimes not even then. Viola--the schools stay open.

I know this won't last beyond the winter, but the next solution will have to wait because I can't think like BloomKlein for even a minute longer. It'll be hard enough to get the drool stains out of my clothes as it is.


NYC Educator said...

It's brilliant. I love it.

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious! That's the best snow job ever.

Anonymous said...

brilliant and it would work!

NY_I said... is broadcasting the Panel for Education Policy (PEP) vote (on school closings) on Tuesday, Jan. 27. (I'm wondering: by scheduling the vote for Tuesday, not Monday, are they inherently indicating that they are feeling some pressure from the community?)
Unfortunately, no word on exact time, --day or evening?
See their site at: