Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adding Insult to....Insult

After whining that the Assembly bill to restrict charter schools was "...an insult to parents and children and Dr. King and his legacy", Mike Bloomberg approved of the bill by signing off on the NY Race to the Top Application.

In related news, Bloomberg kept his promise to switch department heads for three weeks, swapping, for example, the deputy commissioners of the Parks and Education departments. The idea behind the switch is for city officials to learn about things they know little of. The mayor himself offered to work for the Department of Human Services in an effort to learn what it's like to be human. Aides quickly dissuaded him by informing hizzoner that it would involve working with actual poor people.

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NYC Educator said...

And the bill went down, for today at least. Does that mean the mayor won't need to close so many schools to get space for charters?