Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mayor4Life Has a Small Bone...

...and he threw it to us today in the form of media negotiation of the teacher's contract. Bloomberg offered us 2% raises in each of two years, citing the fiscal crisis as his reason. He threatened to lay off 2500 teachers if he doesn't get his way. There are some problems with this offer:
  • It really isn't 2% if you make over 70K. For any amount over that, the 2% doesn't apply. So if you're at top salary of 100K, you'll get the same $1400 that someone making 70K will. That is a 1.4% raise. That, pardon my French, is shit.
  • There is no guarantee of any sort that accepting the 2% means the mayor won't ask for givebacks anyway. He's notorious for asking for the moon. Sometimes, like under Randi Weingarten, he also got the stars thrown in for free.
  • He accepted 700 million dollars for the reduction of class sizes, which have only gone up. Laying off 2500 teachers would further increase class size. Let's dare him to try it.
  • Bloomberg sees no fiscal crisis when it comes to rewarding his buddies. Just the other day, he spent 2 million of your tax dollars to hire some of the cronies who helped him get elected. He is paying most of them more than top teacher salary.
  • He is still willing to pay 53 million dollars a year to keep the rubber rooms open in the hopes of getting teachers to resign before they ever get a hearing.
  • He has worsened the ATR crisis by closing 19 more schools. ATRs cost the city over 80 million dollars last year, and will cost even more once these newly sentenced schools shut down.
  • Bloomberg has insisted on pattern bargaining throughout his entire reign as mayor. We always had to settle for whatever pittance the other unions had to settle for, even in good economic times. Now, he wants us to break that pattern--to our detriment. All the other unions got 4% and he wants us to settle for less than half that.

The answer should be a plain and unequivocal NO. Let's say no to his small bone and his gigantic balls.

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