Monday, July 6, 2009

A New Kind of Mayoral Control

It looks as if the State senators will come out of hiding and pass the mayoral control bill back into law with few modifications. Then, if they see their shadows, we will have six more weeks of winter. No, that's Groundhog Day. The rodents in the state legislature portend five more years of dictatorial rule.

It no big surprise that the mayor's money talked. Billions of dollars together tend to speak pretty loudly. However, there is a sliver of hope that rarely gets talked about these days. While the mayor gets to control the schools, let's remember that we, the voters, control who the mayor is.

Voting Bloomberg out is the ultimate in mayoral control. I know some of you think he is invincible, but I think the cracks in the mayor's highly polished image are beginning to show. Witness how he angrily stared down a disabled man who had a difficult time turning off a tape recorder. Remember how he told parents that they should leave the teaching decisions to teachers (the very ones he cut out of the decision making process). Consider his silence as Eva Moskowitz plays Capture the Flag with PS 123. Think of the phony reconstituted BOE he stuffed with his own deputy mayors. Add in his power grab for a third term as mayor in defiance of the will of the people who twice voted for term limits. Finally, remember his moronic hyperbole in stating that there would be riots in the streets should one word of the mayoral control bill be changed.

So no, we probably can't stop the return of mayoral control. But we might be able to stop the return of Mayor Mike.


Pogue said...

His type of money-power rule has shown just how foolish and cowardly other politicians act towards him. Our politicians, though we voted them in to represent us, now cater and bow down to Bloomberg and his money. I pray more New Yorkers feel this way and are up to the challenge of sending this current crop of Bloomberg and his shills away, and are ready to try other politicians who truly support and fight for their constituents. It is time for a real CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Today's Times has a very good article about mayoral hopeful William Thompson. It also offers a parallel to another invincible Billionaire who the voters had enough of. So maybe there is some hope. However, the unions should be ashamed if they support (neutrality?) this mayor. As for the politicians they have nothing but contempt for voters Bloomberg is well beyond contempt.