Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Final Farewell from Randi

Randi one again decided to give us the finger by brokering the deal that returned mayoral control to Mike Bloomberg and his stooge Joel Klein. You know, the Joel Klein who Randi had us rate the last two years and who still worked towards giving him this job for life (or until Bloomberg decides to give up the mayoralty, whichever comes first).

Thanks to Randi, you now teach a longer school year and a much longer day. You have no seniority and no right to grieve letters to your file. You have to work potty duty and cafeteria duty. You make less in your TDA than ever thanks to Randi getting back the two days before Labor day that she herself gave away. You no longer have the right to teach what you want how you want. You are a test prep machine and Randi goes around saying what a great job you're doing because our scores have gone up.

Now she's off to greener pastures, and you're left wondering what that green ooze is in the corner of your room that even the custodian won't touch. But don't worry--class sizes haven't budged so you'll have room should the ooze spread.

“All’s well that ends well,” said Randi about the mayoral control deal. Well, it certainly ended well for her. For denizens of the rubber rooms she helped fill, and the ATR rolls she created, it may not end so well.


proofoflife said...

Did I miss something?? Where were the results of the second teacher survey on Klein published?

Mr. Talk said...

You know, I haven't seen the results. I just assumed they had been published. I pretty much stopped reading NY Teacher for the same reason I no longer read the National Enquirer. I didn't even participate in the survey--it was pointless last year and it was hard for me to see how it would be less pointless this year.