Saturday, July 18, 2009

Always Wear a Sausage Casing

The Oscar Meyer guy lost control of his wiener and plunged it deep into the waiting garage door of a home in Wisconsin. It got stuck there, and the driver had to go into forward and reverse a number of times because the garage opening was so tight. The house groaned at the sudden jerking and seemed about to collapse when the Wienermobile suddenly pulled out, spilling its contents all over the driveway.

The shocked home owner owner, a Mrs. Bun, discussed the incident as she smoked a cigarette. "I'm really disappointed. First, I get rammed by this giant wiener and then slam bam its gone without so much as an howdy do. It's always this way with guys with the giant wieners. My husband may have a subcompact, but at least he knows how to park it in the garage and drive it home."

In related news, Dick's Sausage is still going strong.


Pogue said...

And nine months later, the house gave birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby cottage.

Mr. Talk said...

Word is the Wienermobile originally tried to go in the back door, but was turned away.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I guess I am still suffering from jet lag and did not see the Dick Sausage link coming. It gave me even a bigger laugh than your take on the story. Thanks.