Friday, July 17, 2009


Hubris seems to be the new national pass time. Banks run the economy into the ground and pay their employees huge bonuses at the expense of the taxpayers. Governor Sandford cheats in Argentina while Larry Craig taps dances in the third stall to the left at an airport. Eliot Spitzer thinks he's making a comeback. Sarah Palin runs for Veep. Paris Hilton.

Sometimes hubris catapults people to the top, and sometimes it throws them to the bottom of the pile. Right now, I'm betting on the pile when it comes to Mike Bloomberg.

The mayor said he would refuse to sign any changes to the mayoral control law, and as a result, the State Legislature has decided to poke him in the eyes, Curly style, by adjourning for the summer. Bloomberg spent most of the morning at his press conferences after the sunset of mayoral control calling the state senate a bunch of jackasses, and then he dug in and told them exactly what he did not want to see in the new law. His incredible hubris led him to believe that the senate would whimper and give in, but instead, they did what they usually do when the going gets tough. They disappeared.

They will not be back in session before September, when the new and incredibly bogus BOE is scheduled to meet again. Let's see whether the mayor learns some humility by then and does a bit of groveling. If not, the senate my decide to take a bigger step, such as grabbing the mayor's nose with a pair of pliers.

UDATE: No sooner had I posted this than I ran across an article in the Daily News that talked about the mayor's reaction. Besides calling the whole thing "bull" and accusing the senators of trying to create a slush fund, the mayor compared the senate to Hitler: "If you remember Neville Chamberlain, no matter how many times you said yes, that's the starting point for the next round," Bloomberg said on his weekly WOR Radio show.

Way to go, Mayor Mike! (Cue the Three Stooges theme)


Muriel said...

Oh, whoopsie, I guess I was wrong. I was busy comparing Bloomberg and Klein to Hitler and Goebbels. I was wrong, it's the Senate that's like Hitler and Bloomberg is like.....Attila the Hun?

Chaz said...

Bloomie reminds me of a spoiled brat who has a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way.