Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Talked the Talk, Now Walk the Walk

A lot of people are asking where the hell Barack Obama is when it comes to Wisconsin and teachers. Sure, he said that the "Budget Repair Bill" supported by Gov. Walker sounded like union busting to him. Those are words, and he said them once, at the beginning of this drama. He has been strangely silent since. Our president is damn good at talking. Listen to him speak about unions while campaigning in 2007:

Great words. I want to vote for a man like that. Unfortunately, that man is nowhere to be found today.

Mr. President, we can't wait for you to find that pair of comfortable shoes. In fact, there's no need for you to picket for hours on end--teachers and other union members will do that. But if you would just go to Wisconsin and stand with the picketers for one minute--one minute--and voice this same kind of support for collective bargaining that you promised us as a candidate, you would change the game immediately.

This action doesn't require 60 votes. It doesn't force you to choose between extending the Bush tax cuts or extending unemployment benefits. So there's no excuse not to live up to your promise. All you have to do is stand up and say a few words.

And you are good at words. Now let's see some action.



Anonymous said...

"Change We Can Believe In"...
I don't think so...

zulma said...

He's using semantics here. He said he would be there on the picket line. Since there are no picket lines, then he doesn't have to be there. So now Obama has another excuse for being a no-show support president.

But that's okay! Presidential election 2012 - I will remember come November.

Anonymous said...

I am VASTLY disappointed in Obama. He has shortchanged the very people who put him in office - the working man and woman, the same people who depend on wage and benefit stability. But his vitriol against the working class, starting somewhere around, oh, say, CENTRAL FALLS, has demoralized and could very well bankrupt each middle-class or poor person who bothered to vote for him. The Democrats need to put up a strong candidate against him in 2012 and boot him out of the White House. He disgusts me. He's a damn liar. And a damn hypocrite. And whole lotta damn things that I can't write out loud.

Anonymous said...

Remember Randi wanted the UFT to support him after Hillary had to step aside.

Anonymous said...

I would like to use my comfortable pair of shoes and throw them at him.

He's nothing but an OREO. I regret so much for listening to Randi and voting for him!

He completely mislead the country by pretending to care for the working class peopele and their rights to bargain and unionize.

Come November 2012 I will remember!