Sunday, February 27, 2011

Layoffs in Tomorrow's Papers

Word on the street is that Mayor4Life has sent lists to NY newspapers detailing the number of layoffs that will occur at each school, and that this information will appear in tomorrow's dailies.

Considering that seniority is still in effect, you can bet that the list will show that some schools will lose much of their staff. Bloomberg will use this to claim that minority schools will be discriminated against. He will not, of course, mention that if layoffs actually occur, more senior teachers will take their place so the experience level at those schools will actually go up.

This is just another Bloomberg tactic. Layoffs are still not needed. Cuomo even says so. The mayor admits he has found 2 billion in new revenue. This is nothing but another attempt to force an end to seniority layoffs.

UPDATE: Confirmed by the Times a few minutes ago.


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Talmud said...

With a budget surplus, 2 billion in new revenue and no imminent threat these layoffs are just not sensible. This seems like some strange "reform through fear" tactic.