Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GothamSchools Takes Sides, Ever So Innocently

If you had any doubt about whether Gotham Schools, the allegedly down-the-middle school news site, has an agenda, your doubts should be over. Take a look at this morning's Rise and Shine links.
In them, you will find four--count 'em--FOUR links to articles and opinion pieces in the New York Post alone that condemn teacher seniority. If that wasn't enough, they link to Daily News and Wall Street Journal articles that are basically the same trash, although not as blatant as the teacher-bashing Post.

Before you say "Oh, that's just a coincidence" take a look at what GS omitted. There was a piece in the NY Times yesterday that connected all the dots and $$$ between the anti-seniority players. It showed the ties between the Mayor4life, the Asshats4Education, "Chancellor" Black, DFER, and ERN. See also Reality Based Educator's excellent analysis of the piece.

So why didn't Gotham Schools consider that Times piece newsworthy, but found space for SIX anti-seniority, anti-teacher pieces from the billionaire-run tabloids?

You can connect the dots and $$$ on that one.


Michael Fiorillo said...

"Innocently" taking sides?

Hardly. Take a look at the hedge fund players who fund GS, and you can see why the writer and editors tend to slant their coverage, and make ideological decisions about what constitutes news.

OTE admin said...

I delinked those guys a long time ago when I found they were obviously slanting articles to favor privatization of public education.

Pete Zucker said...

Oh oh!!! Are they going to remove your link now? Are you going to be banned?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed it too. They want the anti-seniority movement to seem like it's really picking up traction. It's not so far. Gotham Schools is as fair and balanced as Fox News.

Anonymous said...

OURSCHOOLSNYC.ORG featured the Perdido Street School blog article in their "Wake Up Call".
Check it out at

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:01 - that's why they're called FAUX NEWS.

Anonymous said...

From yesterday's remainders: "Foes and defenders of the seniority-based layoff system have taken to the airwaves to battle. (City Room)"