Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Sayin'

Ruben and Reubens. Coincidence? You decide.



reality-based educator said...

Which one was arrested for public indecency - Pee Wee or Ruben?

Given the garbage Ruben Brosbe writes at GS, I'd have to say him.

Mr. Talk said...


Of course, this really isn't a fair comparison. I know that. One of these guys is a someone we laugh at and who makes a living acting like a child who knows nothing. And the other one is Pee Wee Herman.

Ms. Tsouris said...

This is all so very Rubenesque. Very cute, Mr. Talk!

NYC Educator said...

Hey--lay off Pee Wee! He's smart and funny.

Anonymous said...

I learned that GS is deleting comments on their blog. Why? For some reason there's now political censorship. So here's my comments of Pee Wee Ruben's commentary of "No A's for Effort" just in case GS deletes it.


Here's the bottom line because I wouldn't attend your 'pity party' even if you invited me. You're trying to be "SUPERMAN".

After 21 years in the system, every year I receive students with skills/behavior that fall in categories such as excellent, good, fair, and very poor. Most teachers have students that fall in the fair and the very poor categories. It is our job to assess to the best of our abilities their prior learning conditions. Where these kids in shelter, did they lose a family member, do they have a family member in jail, do they have emotional problems, and the list is long. Some kids don't fall into any of those categories and were victims of an oversized class. Teaching to 34 students and expecting every child to succeed is impossible and unrealistic unless every child is level 4 and there's always one that falls by the wayside.

The problem with you is that you set your own standard of pedagogy so extremely high that now you realize you can't attain that level. You have only a few years in the system and brag as though you able to leap over a blackboard in a single recess period! I am finally comfort in my teaching skin because time, practice, and reflect helped me to be a better teacher. Do I have an outstanding passing rate in my class and regents? It depends on the number of student challenges that are placed in my class. Each year's outcome is not a predictor of next year's outcome and that's why I don't believe and completely abhor having teachers evaluated by test scores and the likes.

In the first five years of my teaching career, I made the typical errors in my methodology, but I had veteran teachers to help me, to guide me, to comfort me, to understand me, to befriend me.

What are you trying to prove to those in the public blog arena? Teachers understand that reflection of the lesson and its student outcomes is part of by a true practitioner. You make it seem that you're the only one utilizing that method as though you have a patent on this process and being an E$E would give you proprietary rights and protection from any consequences that your principal may impose.

Attacking veteran teachers who want to help and guide you, joining an educational cult (E$E) that see themselves as 'SUPERMAN/WOMAN", blogging about your trials and tribulations as an educator tells the public that your haughtiness and ego are getting in the way of facing reality.

Wake up and smell the Bustello! You are going to ostracize yourself.