Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ruben Supports the Arts

Ruben, chief Fedora of the Asshats4Education crew, posted a new blog entry on GothamSchools asking whether he should expose his under-performing kids to the arts. My response is below, in the event Gotham decides to delete it:

  1. Michael, you will notice that Ruben has now placed his fingers firmly in his ears and is humming when asked questions.
    I, too, wonder why Ruben saw fit to hide his affiliation with Asshats4Education, and I question why GothamSchools allows him to be their most visible face considering his deception.
    And a question to Ruben: If you think layoffs should be determined by test scores, what makes you think teachers will ever want to share the arts with their children? If the choice comes down to your job or a trip to the museum, you’ll pick your job every time. Of course, A4E WANTS to make test scores the be all and end all of education; as such, Ruben, you’d better stop trying to make your students think and make sure they pass those tests you’re so enamored of.

I ask you all to drop by Ruben's lair and ask him the same things. If he wants to be the face of the Asshats, he's got some splainin' to do.

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Anonymous said...

His answer? Gotham's?

That is "vitriol." It's great,as it kind of covers any question that makes them uncomfortable.