Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloomberg Outs Himself

I'm going to bypass comment on the "proposed" layoffs of 21,000 teacher threatened by Mayor4Life Bloomberg via the Wall Street Journal, a rag run by his billionaire pal Rupert Murdoch, who employs Joel Klein. There will never be so many layoffs, and this phony mayor knows it. He's trying to eviscerate seniority by claiming that layoffs should be done by "merit". But in the same discussion, he outed himself as a liar with the following statement (emphasis my own):

"By not allowing schools to take merit into account, the state would not only deprive our children across the city of great teachers, it would increase class size, because more teachers would need to be laid off, since the newest teachers get paid lower salaries," he said. "It's not right. It's not fair."

There you go. The 3 term billionaire mayor has just outed himself. It isn't about quality at all--it's about laying off senior teachers in order to keep the cheap labor of new teachers.

Remember, everyone, this is just a threat. There are lots of ways to avoid layoffs. Let's start with getting Bloomberg to pay his fair share of taxes by basing his charities in NY instead of in tax havens. Let's keep the millionaire tax that Cuomo wants to let lapse. Let's take the billion dollars slated for technology in the capital budget and use it to avert layoffs. Let's get rid of pork like the CityTime crooks who've taken this city for a very expensive ride. Let's get rid of ARIS, quality review, and other money pits. Let's have ONE qualified chancellor getting paid ONE salary instead of Bloomberg handing out jobs to boobs like Cathie Black. Let's put the ATRs to work where they belong.

But this isn't about saving jobs. This is about destroying the union by taking its members hostage and threatening to execute them if he doesn't get his way.

Never forget that this is about the money. Nothing else.


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Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right - it's all about money and dividing and conquering the Union. Bloomberg talks about the layoffs as if the more experienced (read: more expensive) teachers should be the ones to lose their jobs because he implies, no, he says straight out, that they're "ineffective." That's a load of nonsense. And these young teachers who think that the repeal of LIFO will help them? If they have the commitment to stay in the system, some day they will be the senior teachers and will be clamoring for union protection, because it is only then that they will realize that they weren't kept because of "merit," only because they were cheap.