Friday, January 21, 2011

Ruben Brosbe, The Face of Asshats4Educators

Asshats everywhere rejoice! Ruben Brosbe has come to lead you!

Yes, just when you thought there were no more ed deform toads left to crawl out of the woodwork, out slithers Ruben, ass backwards, to lead us to new heights of idiocy.

In case you don't know Ruben, he is the newbie teacher who, despite his limited teaching experience and writing skills, has managed to get himself a platform on GothamSchools. Not only that, he managed to stick a knife in the back of his colleagues by writing a column for the completely unbiased New York Post in which he advocates releasing the Teacher Data Reports based on flawed test scores and an unscientific value added metric. Ruben was even kind enough to tell us that his score sucked, but he's willing to work hard to make it better, unlike those nasty senior teachers who only come into the schools for all the neat office supplies.

The problem is, Ruben may not get a chance to improve. His score sucked, even though he was judged against other newbies on his TDR, and not against the senior teachers he rails against. And today, "Chancellor" Cathie Black stated that she wanted to end "last in, first out" seniority rules and lay off teachers based on merit. Poor Ruben! With his awful scores and his lack of seniority, he may soon find himself out of a job. And that would be a shame, because he's willing to try to be better!

I guess that's why Ruben joined "Educators"4"Excellence", a group led by a couple of people who have even less experience than he does. In fact, as far as anyone knows, the founders of E4E don't even teach anymore. They've moved on to take tons of money from ed deform groups in the hopes of changing the status quo and improving the socioeconomic lot of many New Yorkers. Especially themselves.

Perhaps Ruben wants a job with E4E, especially given his tenuous position with the DOE, what with his shitty scores and low seniority and all. That is problematic, however. Ruben doesn't like being part of a group he doesn't agree with, like the UFT. Fortunately, even though until recently outed, he hid his membership with E4E, he is now on their Teacher Evaluation Policy Team. Isn't that terrific? I didn't even know E4E had one of those! Thanks E4E! Just what teachers needed--more evaluations from totally unqualified newbie teachers! I can't wait for the recommendations of the TEPT to come out, although I'm fairly sure UFT scab teachers with crappy TDR ratings will be allowed to keep their jobs.

I still think Ruben's talents are wasted with E4E. Given the trend of giving totally unqualified people like "Chancellor" Cathie Black positions of unbridled power, I think Ruben should aim higher. He should form his own organization and get it funded by Gates or Bloomberg or Broad or one of the other billionaires willing to scatter largesse to educators who have no qualms with sticking shivs in the collarbones of their colleagues. Reality Based Educator had a great idea for a name--Asshats4Educators! Here, as I see it, is the A4E platform:

  • Teacher Data Reports shouldn't be counted for newer teachers, because they are really really trying.

  • Senior teacher suck and should be fired.

  • The UFT isn't doing everything we want in terms of helping its members get laid off, so we must make sure it dies.

  • We should go around talking about how education is the civil rights issue of our time, especially when a billionaire is nearby.

  • Committees are needed for everything, including the Teacher Evaluation Committee, the Using the Media as a Front for Hedge Fund Managers Committee, and the Committee to Wear Stupid Beards to Look as if We're Grown-up Enough to be Teachers Committee.

Yes, Ruben, the billionaires would love you even more then. You're just the kind of toad they want to help them take public education private.

I've mostly tried to avoid writing about Ruben, but he launched an attack on Ms. Eyre, one of my favorite bloggers and someone I can tell is an outstanding teacher. I've even had Ms. Eyre chastise me a few times here for being mean to ed deformers, like when I compared Joel Klein's head to a bowling ball. And she may have had a point. So I apologize in advance for my tone, but remember, Ruben is an asshat.

When dealing with an asshat, you can't turn the other cheek.



NYC Educator said...

In the perfect world envisioned by Bill Gates, I doubt test scores would play much part in whether or not pro-"reform" newbies kept their jobs.

CA Teacher said...

That last line was a doozie! I'm laughing loudly...
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely the funniest writers so far! My side still hurts from laughing.

Keep those attacks going to all the Asshats across the nation

Pete Zucker said...

Asshat!!! Freaking brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Mr. Talk. We could really use your voice and your presence on Thursday at the rally to protest the proposed closing and privatization of 25 NYC public schools.

We have a long list of sponsors and endorsers (including the UFT)that is growing by the minute. Please check them out at our blog:
or at the Grassroots Education Movement Blog:

The Rally will take place at City Hall Plaza on Jan. 27 between 4:30 and 6:30.

Please spread the word to bloggers, parents, teachers, students, and all New Yorkers who value Public Education.

Let's show Ruben and all the rest of the ass-hats that we will defend our public schools.

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest thing I"ve read in ages. f u n n i e s t. Thank you for this.

And, Eyre should have gotten on your case about the bowling ball comment, everybody knows that Klein looks like Nosferatu.

separated at birth?

Anonymous said...

E4E now touting the accuracy of Value Added on HuffPo