Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dealing with the Asshat4Educator Scab Wannabes

Scab is a pretty strong word. I come from a union family, and being a scab ranked slightly above being a pedophile, but only slightly.

So the question is, are the asshats at E4E, such as Sydney Morris, Evan Stone, and Ruben Brosbe actually scabs, or are they some slightly higher life form?

Technically speaking, we'd have to conclude that they are not scabs, because a scab is defined as someone who takes the job of a union member during a strike or lockout. However, the purpose of a scab is to bust the union and destroy the benefits of the union faithful, so Sydney, Evan, and Ruben certainly fit the bill on that account. I think we'd have to classify them as scab wannabes, which may, if you think about it, be worse that being an actual scab. Replacement workers are at least trying to put food on their own tables, whereas the E4E asshats generally dine at only the finest restaurants or have Mummy tell Cook to make them something.

So the question is, how do we deal with these scab wannabes?

My father was a union dock worker and, as a result, a pretty strong guy. If Sydney, Evan, and Ruben tried to take his job, he'd likely have crushed them into much smaller versions of themselves and shipped them off to Hong Kong in a steamer trunk.

Now, those were simpler times, when people weren't afraid of committing felonies against the scum of the earth. In these complex, fast-moving, Internet fueled times, violence is rarely the answer. We've all seen recently how loose talk of violence can get out of hand, so I'm not for a moment suggesting that we harm E4E scab wannabes. If you see one in your school, you should not spit in their hair, push them down a flight of stairs while laughing maniacally, or stuff them in a burlap bag while beating them with sticks. Those things would be wrong.

Besides, most teachers today aren't as rugged as the old dock workers. About the best we could hope for today is to beat those jackasses with stockings filled with chalk.

So what to do? At the very least, all right thinking teachers should shun these E4E scabs. After all, they are enjoying the benefits that the rest of us have spent decades fighting for, while simultaneously trying to take those rights away. They want to get you fired so they can have your job, destroy your pension, and collect the crumbs dropped by Bill Gates. If someone robbed your home, you'd feel justified in taking severe action against them. But you can replace items in your home--these E4Es want to take your license and profession away.

So if anyone in your school tells you they are a member of E4E, first try to reason with them. If that doesn't work, make sure to spread the word about their scabby behavior throughout the school, so they can be rightly shunned.

And then give me a call. I bet I can find that steamer trunk somewhere.


Anonymous said...

The scab wannabes should be ostracized by every teacher who believes in union rights and protecting the working class citizens of all civil service workers.

Secondly, they should be treated as lepers. The E4E educators have a disease; they're self-centered, selfish, egotistical, pompous, back-stabbing creeps!

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about pedophiles, but at least they slow down when driving past schools and playgrounds.

And at least they aren't E4E.

Michael Fiorillo said...

I've written a lot about E$E at Gotham schools, and have called them scabs, although as you correctly point out, they are technically not. They are also technically not finks, which is a union member who crosses a picket line (scabs are non-employee strikebreakers).

So what to call them then? I've also called them Fifth Columnists, but that's a bit obscure.

Reader suggestions welcome.

Anonymous said...

How bout douche bags. It's sickening, the length some people will go to, in order to better themselves...under the guise of caring for children. Yeah, let's call them douche bags.

Anonymous said...

Quislings? Vichy? Benedict Arnolds? Judas? Sellouts? Manchurian Candidates?
Nah. I think douchebags says it best.

Anonymous said...

I would call them suppository sychophants. They seem to be going up a billionaire's ass!

Pogue said...

E4A - Educators 4 Ageism.