Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teacher's Choice Takes a Shave

If you haven't gotten your email from Michael Mulgrew yet telling us how he "saved" the teacher's choice program, I'll save you the trouble. The amount you will get as a teacher has taken a shave, and is now down to $110.

I know a lot of teachers love this program, but I have always hated it. The city has threatened to take it away from us almost every year, and it has gone from a stipend of $260 to $150 to $110 in the last few years. Next year the city plans to give teachers 25 cent off coupons at Walmart.

The program itself is an insult. You can bet that at Bloomberg LP the employees don't have to go begging for paper clips, but that is good enough for NYC teachers. Rather than raise the taxes for the hedge fund managers he loves so much, Mayor4Life is forcing teachers to reach into their own pockets once again while denying us the pattern raise to which we are entitled.

If you were thinking about using Donors Choose to get you those paper clips, don't forget that they are taking money from the film Waiting for Superman, the anti-teacher diatribe that touts the charter schools those hedge fund billionaires love so much. You should join the boycott against Donors Choose, as 33 other highly intelligent and incredibly good looking teachers already have.

BTW--Mulgrew tells us in his email that it is the school's responsibility to supply you with the basics like copy paper and books, and if they don't you should let your chapter leader know. That way, the CL can complain to the principal who will fire you within two years to make sure you don't complain about supplies anymore.


Anonymous said...

Mayor4DeathofPubEd is giving away half of his wealth! Let's see if traditional public schools get a penny! Air conditioners!? Copy machines? Free subscriptions to fake newspapers like the Post or the Daily News? An educationally competent and aware staff to replace the malevolent clowns and robotic drones at the DoE?

Chaz said...

Could I get nyc educator's Walmart coupon? I know he will not be using it.

Esteban Rodriguez said...

Thanks for calling me good looking.

Smellington G. Worthington III said...

I say, I'm frankly befuddled at why you teachers persist in whining about unnecessary expenses. Don't you think my tax bill is high enough already? Be an adult, and reach into your pockets. For goodness sake, if things don't work out you can always have Washington bail you out!

Anonymous said...

You can call the union without giving your name. Just name the school.