Monday, August 23, 2010

Kucinich for President

I've been struggling with the idea of voting Republican for some time now. I will not vote for Obama under any circumstances other than a complete about-face on education and Race to the Top. Since that seems unlikely, the only alternatives seemed to be to sit out the election (which seems counterproductive) or to vote for Sarah Palin (which seems suicidal).

I think I've found the solution. I'm planning on voting for Dennis Kucinich, Democrat from Ohio, in the next presidential election. I don't care if I have to write him in.

To be honest, Kucinich was my first choice in the last presidential election, but I knew he had zero chance of winning. I was perfectly willing to vote for Hillary Clinton, but that didn't happen, either. So I cast my vote, with my fingers crossed, for Barack Obama in the hope that he'd be the liberal intellectual that this country desperately needed. Of course, time has shown that hope to be a pipe dream. Obama is, at best, a centrist, and on issues like education, somewhat to the right of George W. Bush.

I know--Kucinich has zero chance of winning the 2012 election as well. He has even stated publicly that he will not run in the next election. Nevertheless, in what promises to be a close election between an increasingly unpopular Obama and whatever opponent the Republicans put forth, a primary challenge from Kucinich might force Obama back to what were (I think) his liberal roots.

That Kucinich was right about just about everything should be obvious to progressives at this point. He opposed the war in Iraq, called for the repeal of the Patriot Act, introduced articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney and W., planned to put restraints on the Fed, favored investment in alternative energy, and supported a workers bill of rights--including the right to unionize.

On education, Kucinich also seems right on. He supports universal Pre-K and funding to improve the education infrastructure. He vehemently opposes vouchers and the emphasis on standardized testing. His website states that:

These days, American students are tested to an extent that is unprecedented in American history and unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Education must emphasize creative and critical thinking, not just test taking. I believe we can take our children and society in a new direction by challenging this notion that education should be so limited. We ought to be encouraging art, music, and creative writing in our schools. In doing so, we recognize and fuel the wide range of talents our children possess.

Sounds good to me. Even if he can't win, a credible challenge on education issues just might force Obama to retrace his steps. I have no idea how to start a "Draft Kucinich" movement, but if one starts, I'll be there.


Anonymous said...

He looks good to me right now. Maybe Draft Kucinich for President should start the revolution that needs to happen; educators sorely need to gain back their voice in our society. If that does not happen, democracy will hang by a thread.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to draft a candidate from the south pole as long it's not a back-stabbing democrat or a renegade republican. If there's a candidate there, then I'll vote for that person. Adios Obama, Hell No Palin! Is it possible to get Al Gore for godsake!?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Do the right thing (no pun intended), not the politically practical one. Send messages that could eventually force political pragmatism onto higher grounds. Have the audacity to instill integrity and humanity in the superficial hopey-changey consciouness of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you people do not live anywhere near NE Ohio. If you did you would not vote for Dennis for dogcatcher. Dennis will be lucky to survive this election cycle and will probably not be a City Council Congressman with a Don Quixote complex anymore. He is being strongly challenged by a true representative of the people, Peter Corrigan, who will unseat this loser