Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two More NYers Hit the Jackpot

Mayor Mike recently made the following statement, "In some senses, if you have H1N1 [virus], you should consider yourself lucky because it so far seems to be a milder flu than the garden variety."

Two more NYers, who would be considered lucky by Bloomberg's standards, have died of H1N1 flu. One was 41 years of age, and the other 34.

In more puzzling gobbledygook, the city continues to actively deny that any of the lucky victims worked for the school system. Even if true, let's not forget that there are over a million students in the system, all of whom come into daily contact with adults. I think it's pretty likely that the swine flu incubators known as the NYC public schools may be involved in some way.

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NYC Educator said...

The widow of the AP who died stated she did not consider herself lucky. Things take a different shade from the billionaire point of view.