Friday, May 22, 2009

Inside Klein's Brain

I found a link on Gotham Schools, intriguingly titled "A Times columnist gets inside Joel Klein's brain". My first thought was, that must be a really teeny Times columnist. After reading the piece however, my thought were absorbed by this chilling speculation:

If the State Legislature renews the 2002 mayoral control law, which expires in June, and the mayor wins a third term in November, and no one has anything left to lose, it will be fascinating, at a minimum, to see which of the pie-in-the-sky visions Chancellor Klein has been keeping to himself are translated into action.

At a minimum. God help us.

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NYC Educator said...

I read that too, and I don't agree. They'd been acting under the assumption there were term limits up until Mayor Mike discovered the lack of enthusiasm for his presidential ambitions. His bolt from the GOP was calculated to distance himself and clearly did not anticipate that he'd need their endorsement again this time.

I think they've been doing their worst all along. And one thing they clearly did, albeit unintentionally, was snooker Ms. Weingarten into the assumption she wouldn't have to negotiate with him again. Lord knows what the two of them are cooking up right now--but it almost certainly led to her endorsement of total control for the mayor in the Post the other day.

Love that pic.