Sunday, May 17, 2009

By the Numbers

Apparently, if you're Joel Klein, you can decide what teachers to fire by the data. Or which principals to fire. Or even which schools to close permanently. But when it comes to safety of the students and staff, numbers seem to mean nothing. Klein did not close the schools when it snowed a record 26 inches in 2006, and he has no standard as to when to close schools due to the swine flu.

This afternoon, it was announced that 5 more schools in three Queens school buildings will close tomorrow. Joel Klein, when asked about the city's guidelines for closing schools, would only say that "I don't think you can do this by numbers."

Why can't you do this by the numbers? I know that I've had 20% of my students out sick for extended periods of time while the flu runs through my building. Isn't that enough? How many more people need to get sick before Klein takes real action?

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