Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Support your Local Chapter Leader

Chapter leaders have been prime targets for vindictive principals for a long time. The UFT often does little or nothing to defend them. They need our support. Read the story of Ms. Rachel Montagano, CL of MS 216. After being identified in a UFT story in NY Teacher, Ms. Montagano was brought up on 3020A charges. Support her with just a click by adding your name to her Facebook supporters:


Read about her in Ed Notes


Dumbfounded said...

I already "liked" this page yesterday. Thanks for heads up and I hope things take a turn for the better at MS 216.

Anonymous said...

chapter leaders are under attack for bringing to the principals' attention that they are cheaters, corrupt, unethical and self-serving. How many chapter leaders have to go through an unnecessary 3020a before the UFT finally says, enough with the abuse!

Teachers voice their displeasure at the school level; Tweed supports principals who attack teachers.