Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh What a Giveaway!

If you got Joel Klein's totally gratuitous email thanking teachers today, you may have noticed something. While I, personally, was not thanked, and I bet you weren't either, someone was. Here is the relevant quote from the email:

Teachers at a school in the Bronx organized a trip to the Grand Canyon for students, many of whom had never before left New York State. With these educators, the 11 and 12 year-olds discovered new heights to which they could push themselves.

Forget Klein's twisted English in discussing how students could push themselves to new heights in the Grand Canyon. Let's focus instead on who was thanked here.

Why, it was our old pal from E4E, Evan Stone, who is pictured at the Grand Canyon with these very same kids. If you have forgotten Mr. Stone, it was he and Sydney Morris who started an organization to stick a knife in the back of the union by calling for senior teachers to be laid off so they could keep their own jobs, all the while implying that they are wonderful educators while senior teachers stink on ice.

Of course, it is surely a coincidence that Mr. Stone started a website promoting the laying off of senior teachers and ended up getting thanked by the chancellor for being a wonderful teacher. And he got a trip to the Grand Canyon as well! What are the odds?

I'm sure you are a hard working teacher, as well. Don't think Klein has forgotten you. If you have put in your years in this system, Mr. Klein would like to thank you too! He's working hard to bring send you on a trip to a pool with other teachers, or maybe a special room. There's even a line he'd like you to stand on where you can collect checks from the government every two weeks!

Just make sure if you ever find yourself standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon with Evan Stone or Joel Klein that you don't let them stand behind you.


Chaz said...

Is there any question the two groups (E4E & Tweed) are working together?

Anonymous said...

Evan Stone looks like he's trying to win Tweed's favor and become the next educrap!

NYC Educator said...

Boy, you almost make me wish I'd read my DoE mail. What a sentence to pick about a trip to the Grand Canyon.

proofoflife said...

Great post! I thought the same when I read the email. I also made the connection with our boy Seth and his E4E! I don't advocate violence, but the thought of giving them a push off the canyon did excite me. It's not the drop that kills you , but the sudden stop! Who paid for that trip by the way?

Anonymous said...

This is another factor that's going to come into play should LIFO be ended- I am curious about how this trip was funded. And over the years I have met quite a few TFA teachers whose families had deep pockets, and as a result those teachers were able to provide students with extras- things that the rest of us could not afford. So in reality, a teacher could be make him/herself important by securing donations to their schools and thus be kept while someone else who was just as good, or better, be laid off.