Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rubber Rooms for Billionaires

Mayor Bloomberg said today that his pal, Steve Ratner, the federal car czar, should be allowed to retain his position despite the fact that his firm, the Quadrangle group, is involved in a probe by Andrew Cuomo. It seems that the firm was paying fees to get city pension funds to invest with them and didn't disclose this behavior. It seems also that this firm handles Bloomberg's billions. Cozy, but not necessarily illegal. It's good to be rich.

Apparently, Bloomberg feels that Ratner shouldn't be removed from his federal job because he says that "....this guy, he is scrupulously honest and a great public servant." There are a lot of scrupulouly honest teachers sitting in rubber rooms these days. The mayor made no mention of them.

Because the mayor deems Ratner so honest, "...there would be no reason to deprive the country of a very smart guy who is willing to devote himself to public service."

Hear that, all you smart teachers who have devoted your lives to public service? Bloomberg is now changing the standard for removal from one's position. Only not for you.

If things were fair, both Rather and Bloomy would be rotting in the Rubber Room for Billionaires pending the outcome of this investigation.


NYC Educator said...

I don't know that I'd give them a rubber room for billionaires. That would probably look like Pablo Escobar's prison. Me, I'd send them to the trailers with my kids, make them eat whatever the cafeteria doles out, breakfast at 6:45 and lunch at 9, then perhaps they could sleep in the basement, as that would give them an incentive to get rid of the various creatures that flourish down there.

Anonymous said...

They could also try the teachers' cafeteria at 1:50 in the afternoon when they can commune with the garbage pail and no food in sight.