Thursday, April 30, 2009

Edwize: Keeping Standards High

I hope you haven't missed the new look of Edwize, the unofficial mouthpiece blog of the Unity caucus of the UFT. I hope they didn't spend a whole lot of our union money designing it. I can hear the high level discussions about the new design now...."Hey! We're teachers, right? Let's put an apple on the banner! Get it? An apple for the teacher! Pretty good, huh? Man, I'm breaking a sweat earning this second pension!"

But I digress. There does seem to be a change in Edwize, in that they invite new teachers to blog for the New Teacher Diaries section. Apparently. they feel older teachers like myself won't be able to meet the new high standards they've set for bloggers. To get on Edwize, you have to fill out their contact form, which asks some tricky questions, such as what is your name, subject, etc. If you pass this stringent test--and hang in with me here because it gets tricky--you must answer the following question:

1 + 1 = ___

It all seems just a bit too easy, ya know? I have a feeling that if I fill out the form and submit, they'll ask me something even harder, such as "What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

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