Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun with Maisie

I remember watching Maisy Mouse with my child. It was great. Just watching it with her always put a smile on my face.

True to her namesake, Maisie, a poster on Edwize, makes me laugh to this day. Check out this kneeslapper from the other day:

On Edwize, I speak for myself, not Randi or the union. (Thanks to her, Edwize is a space for diverse views.)

I mean, you can't make this stuff up. Diverse views? They regularly censor posts on Edwize to the point where most people don't bother to read it anymore, let alone comment on the posts. I've never been invited to post there. What diverse views have ever been aired on Edwize? Leo Casey gets to try out new vocabulary words on a regular basis, but other than that, I haven't seen anything new or diverse there in quite some time.


Chaz said...

I have never been invited to post on Edwize either. I guess Edwize rather publish Leo Casey's concern about Darfur than Tweed's attack on teachers.

Pogue said...

I haven't gone to Edwize in a long time. It seems out of touch. When I recommend blogs, and teachers mention Edwize, I ask they look at the number of comments to their posts...miniscule, if any. I recommend other blogs, including yours AT, for more honesty and truth.

NYC Educator said...

I noticed that too, and was going to blog on it. I recently asked about Green Dot Schools and my comment did not go up. Although Edwize claims what Green Dot has is better than tenure, you're not allowed to ask how many teachers have exercised their "just cause" clause, or how many teacher positions it's saved.

They answer, apparently, does not support any of the "diverse views."

Mr. Talk said...

Chaz--don't hold your breath waiting for an invite. I don't think you or I will ever get to replace Leo.

Pogue--TY for mentioning me. I actually refuse to comment on Edwize since they know who I am after signing up and I just don't trust them.

NYC--Edwize is a goldmine of topics, but I think more UFTers read you than them.