Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Goes Around Just Stays There

After making nice-nice with politicians and education officials at the expense of the teachers she is supposed to represent, Randi Weingarten almost received her payback in the form of a political appointment as senator from NY. The New York Post reported yesterday that Randi came in second in the running for the position.

Who even knew that she was under such close consideration? I sure didn't. I heard her name bandied about along with about a dozen others, but I had no idea she was a real contender. I had rather the same feeling that I had when Joel Klein was mentioned as a candidate for Education Secretary. I wanted him to go, but didn't want to give him an even bigger pool to pee in.

To be fair, it's possible that Randi might have made a decent senator. She has roughly the same credentials as Caroline Kennedy, but at least she has an idea about education and some actual work experience. Tenure might have had a chance of surviving with her in office, although considering what she gave away in the 2005 contract, I'd say that's not a sure thing.

So, what about the new senator, Kirsten Gillibrand? She voted for more funds for NCLB and for additional federal money for early childhood education. Other than that, I haven't found out much except than she's a gun nut. Maybe that's how she edged out Randi (Governor Patterson, I want you to meet my little friend...}.

Considering how much corruption there is these days (Joe Bruno, after 32 years in the state senate, was charged with corruption the other day for allegedly trading favors for cash), it's actually refreshing that Randi wasn't able to buy a US Senate seat in exchange for cozying up to Klein and Bloomy. Still, it's scary just how close she came.

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NYC Educator said...

Personally, I don't believe she was under serious consideration for one moment. I've never heard of a union leader being appointed by an ambitious pol for high political office, and I can't imagine Governor Dave wanted to be the first. Caroline, for example, was a much safer choice.

I think it's a lot of wind being blown about by the Unity machine, well-oiled with our dues. Furthermore, had Hillary made it, she'd have stabbed Ms. Weingarten in the back in a New York minute. That's the Clinton way.